Photoshoot #4

Created Thu 10 Jun 10 14:54 by Mithandir in category The Freeware Photographer Blog

I've done two more shoots recently that I haven't talked about yet: last sunday was photoshoot #4 and yesterday I did shoot #5. I'll discuss the former one here.

As all shoots so far, both were in my little home studio. The sunday one was a set of three children kidnapped by their aunt and brought to me to take some pictures as a surprise for their parents. This is why I haven't discussed it before: I didn't want to risk ruining the surprise in the unlikely event their parents happen to read this blog (which is not as unlikely as you might think since I'd done a photoshoot for that aunt just a few weeks before). The brief here was pretty vague: they just wanted some pictures the parents would like.

The kids were numbered three and aged 15 (male), 8 (female) and 6 (male). The younger boy was a bit of a handful, but the other two were very cooperative, which made the whole thing a lot easier. I successfully persuaded the boy to stand in the spotlights by bringing out some axes and swords from my armoury. Suddenly taking pictures was a lot more fun in his mind :) Of course, as I'd noticed in shoot #3 giving a child something to play with for a picture is a lot easier than taking it away again.

The three children required quite different kind of shots and techniques. The oldest had pretty good ideas for some poses, and I'll copy those for future shoots. The girl was a fashion diva in the making and with the help of her aunt she struck poses straight from the glam mags. The youngest required shooting a bit more akin to what was needed with the younger children: letting him do his thing and taking the pictures when they came up.

All in all I learned quite a bit here, not least of which that my studio gets much to warm and that the fan I have is powerful enough to stir hairs a little bit if you place it close enough.

Sadly I have not gotten permission to post any pictures (the aunt could not give that for obvious legal reasons).


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