Using up paper

Created Tue 8 Jun 10 11:25 by Mithandir in category The Freeware Photographer Blog

Now that the first few shoots are over, I got a better idea of the expenses involved in this project. They're not huge, but a bit higher than I originally estimated. The main problem is the paper roll. Where I thought I'd only have to cut off paper something like every five to ten shoots, it turns out the paper needs replacing after almost every shoot as the white paper gets dirty very fast (and the dirt shows on pictures). This is unfortunate because the paper isn't that cheap, costing some 70 EUR per 11m of white paper. Considering that per cut I lose about 2-3 meters, that means that at the current rate of usage it gets rather pricey fast.

Of course, I'm not planning to charge anything. I'm the free photographer, and free I'll remain. What I will do is find a way to clean the shoes of people before they go on the paper, to hopefully keep it clean longer.


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