Coming up

Created Tue 8 Jun 10 8:54 by Mithandir in category The Freeware Photographer Blog

I got two shoots lined up for this week (and then no shoots at all anymore ... scary). The first, on wednesday, is for a coworker of mine who wants some pictures of her son to use on invitations for his birthday party. I don't have anything special planned for this shoot, we'll just go with the flow. If needed I'll get the axes and swords out as props again, as I did on another shoot last sunday.

Sunday will be more challenging as I have a fashion student coming over who needs some pictures for, I believe, a school project. This is obviously a rather important event for her, so there's some pressure on me to deliver good pictures (well, more than normal). Before the shoot she'll be getting her hair and make-up done by a third party, so this will also be the most elaborate shoot so far. The focus will be both on the clothes as on the model.

To prepare for this shoot I've been watching some fashion programs on TV and I'll be perusing some fashion magazines. With the previous shoots the biggest problem was not being able to tell the models what pose to use, so I want some reference material for that. Somebody on a photography forum suggested printing out a contact sheet of possible poses, which is exactly what I'll do.

I think this shoot will primarily use the white paper roll as I've been rather unimpressed with the cloth backgrounds. I might experiment ahead of time to see whether I can find a way to put tension on the cloth to avoid the wrinkles, but if not I'll just have to make do with white. I'd get another paper roll, but unfortuantely I can't afford that right now (I'm already using up the paper much faster than I'd like).